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MYP- Ages 12-15
The MYP has been designed as a coherent and comprehensive curriculum framework that provides academic challenge and develops the life skills of students from the ages of 11 to 16. These years are a critical period in the development of young people. Success in school is closely related to personal, social and emotional well-being. At a time when students are establishing their identity and building their self-esteem, the MYP can motivate students and help them to achieve success in school and in life beyond the classroom.
The programme allows students to build on their personal strengths and to embrace challenges in subjects in which they might not excel. The MYP offers students opportunities to develop their potential, to explore their own learning preferences, to take appropriate risks, and to reflect on, and develop, a strong sense of personal identity. (MYP FPIP 2014)
To ensure holistic learning, students are required to study 8 subject groups: Language and Literature, Language acquisition, Individual and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Physical and Health Education and Design.
Assessment in the MYP is criterion-related and directly linked to the aims and objectives of the subject groups. MYP criterion-related assessment leads to teaching and learning that is grounded in concepts and inquiry, while maintaining disciplinary rigor.
Moreover, this is an exciting year as IB is introducing its newly reviewed MYP. This innovative programme represents an evolution of almost 20 years of excellence and is an important milestone in IB history. New features in MYP include stronger connections with PYP and DP.
Further information
For further information on the Middle Years Programme please log onto: http://www.ibo.org/
or feel free to contact Ms.  Michelle Jacobson, our MYP Coordinator, at  deputy.director@tis-wuxi.com