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PYP Extra Curricular Activities

Activities take place throughout the year and are open to students in KG-P5. Each activity specifies which grades it is open to and what is the maximum number of students that can be involved. ECAs run for 4 blocks each block has six weeks.  

Session Timings
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,          3:10 pm – 4:10 pm         (Bus leaves at 4:10 pm)

Teacher Sponsored ECAs

These are sponsored by teachers at no additional cost.  

Non-TAIHU Sponsored (Parent Paid) ECAs

The following activities are provided by non-TAIHU sponsorsand are at an additional cost.
Drama, Taekwondo, Programming, Music lessons (violin,piano),Traditional Chinese Painting, Ice Skating, Golf, Saturday soccer

MYP Extra Curricular Activities

MYP students develop skills, self confidence,and self awareness more successfully if they get involved and participate in arich array of activities. These activities also help students to gain newfriends, explore new interests, and have fun. In addition, participation inactivities outside of academics builds community, pride, and school spirit.      

Session Timings

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday     3:10 pm – 4:10 pm    (Bus leaves at 4:10 pm)
Saturday, To be arranged by sponsor  (Saturday activities do not occur very often)

Available ECAs

Most of these activities take place only once a week throughout the year.
Soccer                                Ted Talks                MUN
Basketball                         Drama                    Yearbook
Volleyball                          Guitar                     Service Learning    
Yoga                                   Dance                     Table Tennis                
Taekwondo                        HSK                        Golf
Ice Skating                       Band                       Tech Skills