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Taihu International School, 543 Jin Shi Road, Bin Hu District, Wuxi, 214121, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China.

Tuition and Fees

DearParents,TheBoard and management of TIS has been undertaking extensive market research into the international school market in Wuxi.This has also included looking into fees structures at the various international schools. It is with the needs of parents in mind that we are pleased to announce that starting from the new school year 2016-2017 TIS is introducing its new reduced fee structure. We are fortunate to be able to offer this new fee structure due to the support of our new investment partner, Jinnan Education Investment Co. Ltd, and you can be assured that the quality of educational services, teaching and facilities at TIS will in no way be reduced. In fact, our new development plans include upgrading our current facilities and expanding our campus. So you will be receiving even better quality educational services at much better value.
Also,we are happy to announce that new buses will be purchased that meet Ministry requirements. These buses will ensure that quality service is provided to our school community.
Invoices will be going home this week with the reduced tuition. We would appreciate your support by communicating this reduction to your circle of friends and help us recruit new families to TIS!
Administrative Office
WuxiTaihu International School

The school fees are payable within fifteen days of receiving the school invoice. Payments after 30 days are liable to a 10% surcharge. There are two semesters per year for accounting purposes: August – January and February – June. The fees for the school year 2016-2017 are as follows

2 year old Creche              30,000 RMB       or      15,000 RMB per semester          

Full day  EY3-EY4           105,000 RMB     or      52,500 RMB per semester      

Full day KG                      136,000 RMB     or      68,000 RMB per semester

Full day P1-P5                  141,000 RMB     or      70,500 RMB per semester      

Full day M1-M3               152,000 RMB     or      76,000 RMB per semester

Full day  M4-M5              158,000 RMB     or      79, 000 RMB per semester      

D1-D2                              168,000 RMB      or      84,000 RMB per semester

  • School fees must be paid in RMB or USD into the school account. Account details will be printed on the invoice. Fee payments late by thirty days or more will be subject to a surcharge of 10%. Refunds are not available for incomplete parts of a school semester. The parents are responsible for prompt payment of school fees.

  • Registration forms are available from the school office, downloadable from the website or from the school brochure.

  • There is a one-time only non-refundable registration fee of 2500 RMB.

  • There is a 1000 RMB book deposit to cover lost or damaged books. This is refundable on leaving the school.

  • Students in M1-D2 are asked to provide their own Macbook laptop computer. P3 students are asked to provide their own iPad as part of our digital learning vision.

  • For Diploma students there are additional fees for external IB Diploma examinations (please see the schedule of exam fees given to Diploma students)

  • Lunches are an optional additional charge at 28.5 RMB per day (see additional information below)

  • Transport is 7500 rmb for the year

  • Most clubs are free although there may be charges for clubs using outside teachers.

  • Educational day visits in school may require additional fees. Sometimes, for older students, there are optional overnight trips which are paid for by parents. MYP Week Without Walls trips and PYP Camp- Outs are paid for by parents.

  • All books and stationary are included in the school fees.

The school does not provide refunds for an uncompleted part of a semester.

Students entering school mid semester will be charged for the remaining days of the semester. Any family withdrawing their children from the school and then wishing to reregister within a period of not more than twenty-eight days will be liable to pay the fees for the lapsed period plus the re-registration fee.