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Taihu International School, 543 Jin Shi Road, Bin Hu District, Wuxi, 214121, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China.


The Association’s purposes include the following:
  • Provide support to parents and faculty members.

  • Support school goals through community service, cultural activities, and enhanced educational opportunities for students.

  • Provide a channel of communication between parents and the school; at the discretion of the PTA       Executive Committee (as decided by a vote), provide a forum for discussion of important issues and    where appropriate inform the school administration and board of Directors of the opinions of the    members of the association.

Membership and Voting Privileges
  • Active membership shall be automatically granted to a) all parents and    guardians of students enrolled at Wuxi Taihu International School herein    referred to as the parents and b) the headmaster, PYP and MYP/DP    coordinators and all teachers and administrative and support staff employed    by Wuxi Taihu International School herein referred to as the faculty    members. Such membership shall cease automatically if the relevant student    or faculty member leaves the school or if the active member asks to   withdraw.

  • Each active parent member is eligible to cast one vote in governing the    association.

  • All active members are eligible for election to office in the association.

  • The faculty members shall be entitled to appoint one representative for    faculty members working in the school to attend meetings of the PTA    Executive Committee hereafter referred to as the teacher representative.