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Student Reflections from Global Village Trip2016/4/18 0:00:00

Below are some excerpts of reflections from the students of Wuxi Taihu Interntional School. Working on the site is not easy, but the experience of working with others and make a difference together is the most important part of this build trip.

By Chrome
The whole construction process was exhausting, but everyone had fun. We didn’t take the work as something hard or something to complain about. And by the time when we were leaving, looking at the process that we’ve made for the house, I felt proud of ourselves. This trip was amazing; building the house for strangers was something that I’ve never imagined in my life before. But I made it, I liked it, I will do it again.

By Daniel
It was a very valuable experience for me to participate with Habitat for Humanity because I realize that it is very important that we need collaboration skills of building houses. If we don’t have any collaboration skills, we couldn’t finish any parts of the jobs. It was such a beautiful memory that I would never forget.

By Hyunjin Choi
This is my first time experiencing in somewhere far away from home for only one purpose: Build sustainable house for those who are in need (in this case, Mr. Liu’s family). I was glad to be one of the people who could able to change one family’s lives forever, despite the fact that I’m still young and I’m also the one who needs support from people around me (my parents, teachers, friends and others).When the trip was getting closer to end, I realized that this trip wasn’t just about helping the ones who live in difficult circumstances, but it’s also about having life lesson through people who came with the same purpose.

By Ryan
It was a very valuable experience for me to participate with Habitat for Humanity for CAS project because I realize we have to cherish with everything we have for now and it is very important that we need collaboration skills of building house. I also remember what Mr. T said, he is not proud of sitting with the famous people, what he is proud of is working with people who are wanting to help people all the time.

By Haelim
This was a great experience that opened my eyes and heart towards physical help for the community. The fact that I was able to be in such environment that I could join this wonderful trip was a great honor. There were many new things, so many things that I was able to cherish and all the moments and memories that we made were unforgettable. I met new people who were positive active and social. In 2 days we were bond together just as if we are a family. I was able to rely on them and when they needed help I could easily lend my hand.

By JaeWon
The following morning, we went to the place where we were building a house and everyone was literally shocked. The houses were made of mud and stone and small children did not even have shoes to protect their feet. In there, I worked together mixing concrete, laying bricks and transporting the liquid concretes. I really felt that I am blessed to born from my parents. Also, I felt sorry for the people in the area because I had a chance to get best education and they did not even had a chance to study what they want. I thought that it would be the best if they had a chance to find their interest and study with better-qualified environment.

By Hun
“Jack rabbit”, I got this nickname during the Habitat for Humanity Build. One day, all the members in the habitat worked as small groups with mixed members. I was in a group with Jack, who gave me the nickname. Me and Jack worked as pair all the time. Jack showed and taught me how to do some works. Not only he helped me to learn physical skills, he also taught me caring for others. From the Habitat for Humanity trip, I met many kind people with same objective and attitudes. If I have another chance to go to the a Habitat for Humanity trip, I would work with Jack’s attitude and learn more from other good people.